The madras design features specific colors reflecting the Virgin Islands: turquoise for the Caribbean Sea that embodies our natural beauty; blue for the deep seas that allowed for ease of transport and made the deep harbors of St. Thomas an attractive port; pink for the  color of the conch shell, a poignant symbol of our Call to Freedom; yellow for the Ginger Thomas, the national flower of the Virgin Islands; green for our vast natural resources; white in acknowledgment of the original cultural attire of the Virgin Islanders who wore the fabric of the white flour sacks; and a rich red that represents love and strength and appears in all the flags the have flown across the Virgin Islands.

Enacted by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands

January 21, 2021

The OFFICIAL U.S. Virgin Islands MADRAS was born from the vision and perseverance of our treasured cultural bearer, Mr. Bradley E. Christian of the St. Croix Heritage Dancers, Inc. & designed by Virgin Islands Artist & Textile Designer, Debbie Sun of Debbie Sun Design Studio.

Designed specifically for the US Virgin Islands, the USVI madras symbolizes the splendor of the islands with specific colors reflecting our rich beauty, culture and history. 

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