• Close up of silk watercolor wave painting with a number 1

    Original art is painted on silk fabric, inspired by the vibrant Caribbean colors, fascinating patterns in nature & charming architecture

  • Debbie Sun working on wave design on her computer with number 2

    The hand painted art is digitally re-imagined using multiple layers and sometimes photographs to create patterns and complexity. The final result is a repeat pattern that can be applied to a myriad of surfaces. Oftentimes one painting can inspire 2 or 3 different designs.

  • Debbie's wave pattern art coming out of the printer with a number 3

    The seamless patterns are digitally printed onto rolls of fabric or other surfaces using the technology of dye-sublimation which ensures vibrant colors and durability.

  • Wave patterned womens leggings with a number 4

    Once the fabric is printed, all the items, including the leggings are then made to order.

Artist See, Artist Do | hosted by La Vaughn Belle 

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